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SIMPLified 2


SIMPLified 2 is the complementary application for SIMPL Windows programmers.

While SIMPL Windows offers immense power and flexibility, this can come at a cost.  It is fairly easy to develop programs that are difficult to maintain in many different ways, from inconsistent naming conventions and convoluted logic, to swamped warnings and unrecognised slips.  At best, some programs are simply hard to follow and at worst, there can simply be functional bugs that defy detection – usually leading to yet more convoluted logic which does more to hide the issue than resolve the underlying problem.

SIMPLified 2 attempts to redress the balance in favour of structured, easily maintainable code.

The base application provides a simple mechanism to analyse your SIMPL programs for easily recognisable issues which would generate notices, warnings or errors in a normal compile, but without having to go through the time consuming compilation step.

If you extend SIMPLified 2 with add-on entitlements, a variety of debugging, refactoring, design and productivity tools are at your fingertips.

Each entitlement unlocks a collection of tools for comparing program trees for differences, identifying common code for conversion to modules, extracting signals for a module's argument definition, and we'll continue to add more functionality as fast as we can - and we're open to suggestions!

Our goal is help every Crestron SIMPL Windows programmer develop most maintainable and bug free programs possible, and give yourself a certificate!

Check out the entitlement products for details of which features are included.

The user guide is updated as new features are added, but you can download the current version here.

And if you're ready to start building cleaner, maintainable SIMPL Windows products for your clients, add the free product to your shopping cart.  The application will let you know when updates are available.

Please report any issues or suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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