SIMPL Home Integration for Crestron Home

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Enter the MAC address of the Crestron Home processor.

SIMPL Windows Application (3-Series and above) control is now in the hands of every Crestron Home provider.  Simply load the driver, follow the simple configuration instructions and within minutes you can have mobile and touch panel access to a SIMPL Windows applications from within Crestron Home.



Supported features are:

  • Basic Keypads, which support Button, Slider and Action Outputs.
  • Native Crestron Home Security devices
  • Native Display devices
  • Native Source devices
  • Native AV Switchers
  • (Coming soon) Native AVR devices
  • Modular Extensions
  • Scripted Extensions
  • Tile status and icon feedback
  • Thermostat integration
  • Keypad integration
  • Tile action triggers
  • Programmable operations and events

Release notes are available here: SIMPL Home Release Notes

Advanced Tile and Keypad Tile Demo:



As with all of our Crestron Home drivers, the package file can be downloaded and tested with a Crestron Home system for an hour (following each reboot) so that you can try before you offer this unique solution to your Crestron Home clients.

List of the comments:
Ultamations Simple Home Integrations offer remarkable power and flexibility, particularly with their scripted modules. While the scripted modules do come with a slight learning curve, the extra effort invested is undoubtedly rewarded with expanded capabilities and customization options.
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