Apple TV IP Control for Crestron Home

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Enter the MAC address of the Crestron Home processor.

Introducing the Crestron Home Driver for Apple TV – the ultimate solution for seamlessly integrating your Apple TV, even with the latest TVOS 17 update, into your Crestron Home ecosystem. With this innovative driver, you gain precise control over your Apple TV, unlocking a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Say goodbye to juggling multiple remotes or struggling to navigate your favourite content. Our driver simplifies the Apple TV experience by providing navigation controls, an intuitive app launcher, and even text input, all through the power of Crestron Home automation.

With App Launching you can effortlessly switch between your preferred apps. jumping straight into your favourite Streaming platform, without needing to scroll through Apple TVs UI.  And with our text entry feature, search the vast array of content provided by Apple TV, with a simple keyboard right on your Crestron Home Interface. Whether you're hosting a movie night, catching up on your favourite shows, our Crestron Home Driver ensures that you have total control and convenience at your fingertips.

NOTE: The Text Entry feature is functional only when you have navigated to a text box.

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The App Launcher REQUIRES the Apple TV module to be configured on the Crestron Home system.

Apple tvOS 15 and above only.

NOTE: Please refer to the FAQ for the latest exciting news on Crestron firmware support.

NOTE: Some users have found it difficult to run the Licence Manager tool - we have created a "legacy" version that uses .Net Framework instead for these situations.  Please try this version if you have problems running the .Net 5 version.

PRIVACY: The module is 100% self contained and we do not pass any data out of the local network or require an Internet connection for operation.  The protocol implements all of the same encryption as Apple, right on the Crestron processor.

LICENCING: The module is licenced in the same way as all previous modules - one licence per Apple TV device.

NOTE: This product is in no way related to the CompanionLink synchronisation software (available from

List of the comments:
James Trumper
“Oh my god!!! How amazing is this driver!! It's about 5 times faster than IR. The direct app launching is a game changer. I can now hide my Apple TV remotes forever! The New Apple TV driver for Crestron Home emulates the Apple TV remote in the best possible way, it allows for press and hold so you can move app’s or delete them and also navigate the interface faster than IR when scrolling. You can also double click Guide which allows you to jump between open app’s like on your phone or close them by double tapping up.”
Mosey Levy
"I have had it running in my house for over a month on 2 Apple TV’s. It survived every reboot. It survived Apple TV OS from 14 to 15. Never slows down. Never sends too many commands."
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