Colour Pot

Colour Pot
Colour PotColour PotColour Pot
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This control provides an interactive display of colour selection which is particularly useful in situations where the system offers user-selectable RGB lighting.

The key features of the control are as follows:

  • Fully theme-able using either Ultamation’s Theme Creator or Crestron Studio
  • The control operates in two modes
    • as a colour feedback representation; for example, to show the actual colour represented by three sliders (red, green & blue)
    • as a colour picker; for example, to present a palette of selectable colours for the user to choose from.

The pot is built up from two visual elements providing a static background, plus a variable colour "swatch". These are standard images, so the colour pot can take any design you choose!

Please note that this control is only available for Crestron Smart Graphics UI capable touch panels, as applications for mobile devices do not allow for custom controls to be used. Please ensure that the panel you plan to use supports Smart Graphics UI custom controls before placing an order for this control.

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