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Release your creativity with Ultamation's Theme Creator (for Crestron Smart Graphics).

NOTE: If you experience issues compiling VTPro projects for iPad, please download and install Harman Air from here.

As an alternative to using Crestron Studio for the creation of Smart Graphics themes, Theme Creator provides a standalone solution that sits along side VTPro-e.  With the support of Crestron's own software development group, we've taken a fresh approach to theme creation and streamlined the process to allow you to build themes from scratch quickly and easily, and turn changes around in seconds.  The process of theme creation has been stripped back to cleanly reflect the relationship between fonts, images, styles and how they then apply to Crestron's Smart Graphics controls.

For the cost of around one day's productivity for a qualified Crestron user interface designer, and less than the cost of many commercially available themes, Theme Creator gives you the power to develop and roll-out visually compelling user interfaces across multiple target touch panels, and leverage the true potential of Smart Graphics themes.


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Product Highlights


  • Lightweight, agile, theme development environment
  • Uses the standard file system - no database dependencies and greater compatibility for team working (though project data-files should not be merged)
  • Import existing themes - no need to transfer heavy export files around
  • Merge control styles from one theme to another - never have to "start again" from scratch!
  • Simplified user interface - focus on images, styles and controls
  • Interactive scaling and nine-slice editor
  • Simple font style property grid - easily apply changes across multiple states
  • Font analysis and quick substitution, including the capability to define which of the common Unicode ranges of a given font are to be compiled into the theme to optimise performance
  • Built-in control style "state" reference for standard Crestron controls - never be unsure which state of the Media Player or Weather application you're editing! 

Download the application now - this will run in a feature restricted demo mode until a valid licence key is entered.  We are unable to offer refunds on licences purchased, so we strongly recommend you evaluate the product's features and suitability using the download in demo mode.

Read more about the product in the online User Guide.

Licences are based on "installed seats" i.e. tied to a particular machine, but can be de-registered and re-registered as many times as you wish in order to allow you to move a licence between machines as necessary.

Purchasing multi-licence-packs (a cheaper alternative to buying multiple single licences) will still only result in a single key being issued, but this key will be valid for multiple activations.

Please note:  This is a tool aimed specifically at authorised Crestron dealers and CSPs.  A theme can only be used in conjunction with software and systems available from Crestron and these are controlled under strict licencing agreements.  Theme Creator is not supported by Crestron Electronics, but is an independently developed product which is designed to enhance the Crestron systems development process.  Themes created with Theme Creator can be used in Studio, but cannot be imported into Studio for further editing.  Themes developed using Theme Creator are marked with a fingerprint to allow Crestron to identify that it is not a native Studio theme for support purposes.  To compile themes, Theme Creator depends on the SWF compilation MXMLC Java package which is free, we suggest using version, which can be downloaded from Flex Apache SDK (  

Note: We have seen issues with Flex SDK 4.6.1+ - please ensure you use the correct version, linked above.

The product is purchased and used "as-is" and Ultamation will not be liable for any faults, losses or other issues that may result from the operation of the software or changes to Crestron's theme or Smart Graphics technology.



Theme Creator Gallery


Below is a selection of themes created by companies using Theme Creator.





M3 Technology

Digital Lifestyle


List of the comments:
Congrats on a great piece of software, it looks and feels great.
Does what is says on the tin! Easily import and customise existing Crestron themes or make your own. Simples!
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Posted on Facebook by Marcus Jackson-Baker
"Really clunky, slow and frustrating to perform even the smallest of changes. But enough about Studio; Ultamation's Theme Creator is a real productivity boost. Pays for itself quickly and does not lead to you throwing your laptop across the room in a rage."
Posted on Facebook by Richard Fregosa
"Oliver and team have done a great job with the software, and he's fanatically responsive if you run into any issues. Literally pays for itself the first time you use it."
Posted on Facebook by Eric Williams
In reply to a Facebook post:
"Dude, buy Ultamation's (Oliver Hall) theme editor... he provided me better support than Crestron and his software works way better than studio for theme creation. Stop waiting countless hours asking Crestron questions they literally know nothing about:( it's sad that using release software this is the case, but it is the case. Otherwise go to labs but the theme thread is nothing but crickets... again can't say enough good stuff about Ultamation, he literally told me how to fix the bugs that studio created in 5 seconds and I was on my way."
This software is well worth the money, and should be in every designers tool kit. After dealing with issue after issue with Crestron Studio and the frustration you get from trying to build themes. Theme Creator comes to the rescue! It installs in less than 5 minutes, works the first time it loads up. Flat out it just works, and this means the most to me. I have only ran into 1 issue with this program, and it was quickly smashed out after I submitted a support email. All in all top notch product.
Excellent software, easy to use and quicker than other 'well known alternatives' out there...! Support is fantastic, as always from Ultamation, and online help documentation is thorough. Would definitely recommend.
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