Dial Control

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Add intuitive control to your touch panels with our 270° rotational control.  Coupled with appropriate imagery, you can bring a volume or temperature dial to life on your Synapse touch panels, allowing you to bring existing panel technology into closer alignment with Crestron's Smart Graphics (previously Core3UI).  There is no smoke and mirrors here; we track the user's finger in 2D, mapping onto polar coordinates (yes, we're doing *true* trigonometry on the good old 2-series processor).

The control generates a full scale analogue value (0-65535) starting from a touch position at 135° from left of vertical (North), clockwise through to 135° to the right of vertical i.e. giving 50% at North.

The control works brilliantly as a volume control or a temperature dial and comes with a set of example images so you can start using it in your touch panel designs right away.  If you want more variety, we also have a number of other dial designs available for purchase in the User Interface elements department.

For more information, including licencing details, please refer to the datasheet below.

Downloads Datasheet
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