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OJ Electronics WLM2 Interface

£ 49.00 each
System Size

In partnership with OJ Electronics, Ultamation are pleased to offer an easy to use integration module for the OJ Electronics WLM2 under-floor heating controller.  There's no extra hardware required, unlike some solutions requiring additional interfaces costing upwards of £1000 - the Crestron processor links directly to the WLM2 over RS485, and communicates efficiently so as not to place undue load on the control system.  The module is able to interface with multiple WLM2s, with the master handling up to 8 thermostat zones, and subsequent WLM2s handling up to 14 zones.  All you need from the heating contractor is a list of WLM2 and zone addresses.

The module is locked to a specific Crestron processor's MAC address, so please have this information ready at the point of ordering, and we will generate a licence key.

For more information, including licencing details, please refer to the datasheet below.

For more information about the WLM2, please visit the OJ Electronics website and browse for their Hydronic floor heating systems controller.

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