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Philips Hue Control

£ 100.00 each


Philips Hue Lighting is an easy to install controllable lighting system and with Ultamation's Philips Hue Module, it can now be controlled via a Crestron system.

Set the Hue, Saturation, Brightness and/or Colour Temp of each light individually or control multiple lights within a group.  Following feedback from customers, we've now also added scene selection, support for the ambient white light, and group feedback for all lights on/off.

Please Note: This module is compatible with Crestron's 3-Series processors only.

For complete details on how the module is used in a Crestron program, please read the datasheet (available on the link below).

A licence is required PER processor and each licence is linked to information provided at the time of purchase.  Please take great care in entering this information, as once purchased, we cannot provide refunds for changes or data entry errors.


The module can be downloaded without making a purchase, and will function for ONE hour without a valid licence key.  Once the hour has elapsed, the module will cease to control the Philips Hue Bridge or Lights. We strongly recommend that you test the module in trial mode against your target environment to ensure correct functionality prior to purchasing.

List of the comments:
The Philips Hue module works beautifully! After purchasing the module, I found that it did not support the recall of presets so I sent Oliver feedback to this effect. A few weeks later I received an email letting me know that a new version of the Philips Hue module was available and it included the recall preset feature. It's nice working with companies like Ultamation that listen to their customers and act on customer feedback. And the module is very well designed.
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