Lighting Visualiser

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Ultamation's Lighting Visualiser gives your Smart Graphics projects the ability to preview a room's lighting scenes without switching on a single light.  Harnessing the super-fast speed of the TSW-xx60s panels (though it is compatible with TSW-xx50 and xx52 ranges), the control allows a user to adjust lighting levels and see the effects without being in the room - perfect for setting up functions in corporate colours, or hitting the right note for weddings.

Please Note! The Lighting Visualiser blends multiple images together to create the preview image.  You will be required to either take photographs of the room or generate a series of renders, one for each lighting circuit. Please use a camera stand or tripod, to ensure consistent position, angle and distance for each shot.  Any change in position, angle or distance between the photographs will affect the quality of the Lighting Visualiser preview window.

Please Note! Custom Smart Graphics controls cannot be used in iOS or Android projects.

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