APC Switched Rack PDU Module

£ 100.00 each
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Automate control of your system's power with Ultamation's APC Switched Rack PDU control module.

Module features include:

  • Controls to turn individual outlets on or off, or reboot them.
  • Feedback of outlet state (on or off).
  • Reporting of power usage statistics (Volt Amps, Watts and Amps)

For both 2-series and 3-series processors.

Although the module available for download was built for PDUs with a maximum of 16 outlets we do have a version that supports 24 outlet units.  Please contact us with your order number if you wish to have the 24 outlet version.  This has kindly been tested by one of our clients with models AP8653, AP8659, AP8681, AP8953, AP8959, AP8981

Downloads Datasheet
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