Syslog Client

Syslog Client
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Do you have a requirement for remotely logging events occurring on a Crestron system? Look no further! Our Syslog module provides remote logging functionality to any BSD-compatible (RFC 3164) syslogd daemon.

This module is suitable for any application requiring remote event logging. From the simplest logging of benign system events and notices to debugging of issues where out of hours triggers are making real time monitoring infeasible, the Ultamation Syslog Module is a simple, drop-in solution. Conforming to RFC 3164, Messages have both customisable severity, and customisable content. As messages are logged with timestamps and the originating address, this module can be used to have multiple Crestron systems send log data to a single server.

Please note that this does not allow a Crestron system to function as a Syslog server, which collects data from other Syslog clients, but rather a client, pushing log events to an external server for monitoring and processing.

This module implements a UDP Syslog connection. Please contact Ultamation Limited if you require a TCP implementation.

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