UI Tiles for Crestron Home

£ 25.00 each

Enter the MAC address of the Crestron Home processor.

For many control applications, a simple toggle control is all that you need. Ultamation’s UI Toggle Tile driver offers exactly this. A simple and generic tile that can be configured to work within any context – that means a single UI tile purchase can be used in a variety of situations.

It also offers a handy “auto-off” function that switches the device off after a specified amount of time. This expands the use cases even further, and makes it ideal for devices such as fans and sprinklers.

As with all of our Crestron Home drivers, the package file can be downloaded and tested with a Crestron Home system for an hour (following each reboot) so that you can try before you offer this unique solution to your Crestron Home clients.

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