HDANYWHERE Display Control CCD Driver

£ 50.00 each

Enter the MAC address of the Crestron Home processor.

HDANYWHERE provides superb, reliable video distribution solutions but, sadly, the Crestron AV Switcher API doesn't expose the endpoint control.  This means that you can't use the IR and CEC control that you already have - until now.  This also opens the world to the powerful, yet cost-effective HDANWHERE Zone Processors.

These drivers unlock the power of HDANWHERE uControl by presenting Crestron Home (or SIMPL Windows, using the SIMPL CCD Wrappers) with a generic display.  You configure the HDANYWHERE uControl software for the appropriate display IR pack and now you have IR or CEC control of the display without additional boxes and installation.

For one-off or "hard to get cable to" displays, you can also use the HDANYWHERE Zone Processors for a WiFi IR/CEC control solution.

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