Rako Certified Driver for Crestron Home

£ 100.00 each

Enter the MAC address of the Crestron Home processor.

Upgrade your lighting control experience with our updated Rako driver, compatible with Crestron Home OS 4 and above.

With OS 4 and our platform driver, add your Rako lights into Crestron Home as native lights, and control them individually, with support for RGBW, RGB, and tuneable lights.

If you require a driver for a Crestron Home system running OS 3 and below, or you require virtual keypad controls, you can use our previous Rako extension driver.

The module provides an extension device for Crestron Home to integrate with Rako lighting controls via a Rako IP HUB (provided by your Rako integrator).  The extension provides virtual keypad controls for scene recall and tiles for setting individual lighting levels and RGB fixtures.



Please refer to the download documents below for details of supported functionality and installation instructions.  Note: The legacy Rako BRIDGE interface is NOT supported.

The package can be installed without a licence key for evaluation (works for 1 hour after each reboot).

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