IR Tool for Crestron

IR Tool for Crestron
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IR Tool is a utility for Crestron programmers allowing them to tease apart Crestron IR files created using the Crestron IR Learner and Crestron's own DEAL utility.  The tool will extract each IR command in the common Pronto hex format, and will perform basic analysis of the IR file, providing a commentary which may help diagnose problems.  It will also attempt to determine the IR protocol used in the file.  This allows you to determine the product IDs used by the IR file and explore possible discrete codes.


To get the most from IR Tool, you will need to download MakeHex by John Fine (available from Remote Central).  Although the tool doesn't make use of any MakeHex executable, it uses the MakeHex format of protocol definition files in the IR file analysis.  Place the MakeHex "irp" files in the same directory as the IR Tool executable before starting the application.


  • Read Crestron IR Files and list IR commands
  • Convert each command to the common Pronto hex format
  • Analyse the IR file to identify spurious carrier frequencies, and identify possible candidates for the protocol
  • Assuming a valid protocol is found, decompose the IR commands to identify the product ID and command IDs
  • Recreate commands in hexadecimal format using the protocol, product ID and command IDs, for pasting back into the Crestron IR tools.

Known Bugs

  • Multi-codes not supported.
  • The software is beta, and we provide no guarantees and accept no liability.  Please report bugs and we'll consider fixing them (bear in mind the tool is no longer actively supported!)
IR Tool was originally provided free of charge, with the hope that PayPal donations would generate at least some income to justify the development effort - sadly, the donations never came.  There is now a small charge for the tool which we hope is not unreasonable.
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