Apple TV IP Control - MediaRemote Version

shop-products-apple-tv-media-remote-trans-512x512_812080583Control 4th Gen Apple TV over IP
£ 50.00 each

Enter the MAC Address of the custom Crestron processor.

IMPORTANT: With the release of tvOS15, Apple have dropped direct Media Remote Protocol support.  This WILL stop the Ultamation driver from working.   The Apple TV will constantly remind you to update, but this must be avoided for the MediaRemote control to function.

The module is still available for special case use, but we STRONGLY encourage customers to use the Companion product.  Cross-grades are no longer offered.

IP based control of the Apple TV - and without sharing your data across the Internet.  The MediaRemote protocol provides a secure, bidirectional connection between the client and the device.  This means that polling is no longer required in order to receive updates and status changes.

WARNING: Crestron 3-Series processor must use firmware 1.801.x and above to compatible with the Bonjour (aka MDNS: UDP port 5353) device discovery process on non-router based processors.  Router based 3-Series processors MUST use firmware <= 1.501.  This issue does not occur with 4-Series processors.

For Apple TV Gen 2 & 3, please use our other module found here.

All communication, encryption and key exchange is local to the control processor and Apple TV LAN - NO DATA IS SENT EXTERNALLY.

We recommend using ASCII only, and avoid punctuation, in your Apple TV name.

Ultamation's module for Crestron IP control of Apple TVs allows you to control the device over the same wire that connects it to your network switch.  In addition, you get more control than offered by the standard remote such as text entry and feedback of track position and transport state.  This module also implements the gesture canvas of the Bluetooth remote so now you are able to, for example, move tiles around the desktop.

Please Note: This module is compatible with Crestron's 3-Series and 4-Series processors only, and the Apple TVs are only currently supported on the same subnet as the Crestron processor.

The current release build is 2.50.*, included in the example program download on this page.  Please ensure you are running the latest build unless you wish to provide feedback on any beta release.

For complete details on how the module is used in a Crestron program, please read the datasheet (available on the link below).  Since this module implements Apple's sophisticated Secure Remote Pairing protocol, we have developed a standalone application for commissioning the Crestron control system.  This tool means that you can complete the discovery and pairing process without loading a program on the Crestron processor and it can then upload the configuration file directly to the correct place on the processor - all you need to do is name each module in the program with the appropriate Apple TV name.

A licence is required PER DEVICE to be controlled and each licence is linked to information provided at the time of purchase.  Please take great care in entering this information, as once purchased, we cannot provide refunds for changes in Home Sharing ID or Apple TV name or data entry errors.

For notifications of module updates please follow @UltamationTech on Twitter and send support requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The example program download includes the module files and datasheet.

The module can be downloaded without making a purchase, and will function for ONE hour without a valid licence key.  Once the hour has elapsed, the module will cease to control the Apple TV. We strongly recommend that you test the module in trial mode against your target environment to ensure correct functionality prior to purchasing. 



Update to licencing to allow for new MAC address style of licence.

Added signal to open up Siri command.

Fixed crash on re-connection, which would require a progress/reboot to reconnect

Set a limit to the size of feedback packets, the module would de-crypt and read. Large feedback packets causing Creston processor to slow down and reach 100& CPU load. APPLE TV – V2 MODULE DATASHEET 9/9 COPYRIGHT © 2021 ULTAMATION LIMITED

Added manual connection reset capability, fixed fatal crash on connection recovery 

v2.30 Beta
Reworked comms code to improve stability and reconnection logic with tvOS14.
Reworked feedback handling to accommodate new MediaRemote message types and provide additional info.
Reworked transport control to improve transport support.

Identical to v2.12, but compatible with Crestron Database 200+

List of the comments:
The module works great! Very snappy and easy way to control my 4K Apple TV with Crestron. The software to pair the Apple TVs is very easy to use, if you have a project with many ATVs this is the ticket. Thanks Ultamation!
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This company has provided me with the best technical support I have ever encountered. Response is quick and as extensive as necessary.
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