Apple TV IP Control - Companion Protocol Version

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Enter the MAC Address of the custom Crestron processor.

Introducing the Crestron Custom Module for Apple TV – the ultimate solution for seamlessly integrating your Apple TV, even with the latest TVOS 17 update, into your Crestron ecosystem. With this innovative driver, you gain precise control over your Apple TV, unlocking a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Say goodbye to juggling multiple remotes or struggling to navigate your favourite content. Our driver simplifies the Apple TV experience by providing navigation controls, an intuitive app launcher, and even text input, all through the power of Crestron automation system.

With App Launching you can effortlessly switch between your preferred apps. jumping straight into your favourite Streaming platform, without needing to scroll through Apple TVs UI.  And with our text entry feature, search the vast array of content provided by Apple TV, with a simple keyboard right on your Crestron Interface. Whether you're hosting a movie night, catching up on your favourite shows, our Crestron Module ensures that you have total control and convenience at your fingertips.

NOTE: The Text Entry feature is functional only when you have navigated to a text box.

Click here for Release Notes

For answers to frequently asked questions and migrating from MediaRemote to Companion please read Companion FAQ - requires a login.  Please note, the free upgrade period has now expired.

Apple tvOS 15 and above only.

NOTE: Please refer to the FAQ for the latest exciting news on Crestron firmware support.

NOTE: For 3-Series processors, DO NOT enable HomeKit with this product.  The two are incompatible.

PRIVACY: The module is 100% self contained and we do not pass any data out of the local network or require an Internet connection for operation.  The protocol implements all of the same encryption as Apple, right on the Crestron processor.

LICENCING: The module is licenced in the same way as all previous modules - one licence per Apple TV device.

NOTE: This product is in no way related to the CompanionLink synchronisation software (available from

List of the comments:
The Ultamation team have outdone themselves with this one. The commissioning tool made getting this module up and running a breeze. Direct App launching just works, no more searching for Apps. Navigation is lightning fast. Worth the purchase.
Despite generally being on the cautious side of IP control having been burnt by poor support and changing APIs, I have now deployed these modules on projects and the process was extremely easy and the response is lightning quick.

The software to generate PIN and so on is very straight-forwards.

Great work as usual from the team.

Fingers crossed for long-term stability!
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