Serial "Wildcard" for Crestron Home

£ 50.00 each

Enter the MAC address of the Crestron Home processor.

Do you have a device that's incredibly easy to control... if only there was a driver for Crestron Home that could control it.

If it really is that simple, then our collection of "Wildcard" drivers may be just what you need.

We have a number of drivers that allow the integrator to send arbitrary "strings" of data (ASCII or binary data) to devices over a number of different transports (serial, TCP, UDP or HTTP/S GET).

Previously, this may have needed a second processor just to host a simple serial data sender.  Now you can do it all within Crestron Home, you get a simple UI Tile that can trigger a command, or open up to 8 user-definable buttons.  You can also integrate the commands into automated sequences tied to actions in Crestron Home (both the user defined buttons AND arbitrary serial data).

There's no feedback - this is bare bones integration - but sometimes, that's just what you need.  If you need more control, then consider our SIMPL Home integration product.

As with all of our Crestron Home drivers, the package file can be downloaded and tested with a Crestron Home system for an hour (following each reboot) so that you can try before you offer this unique solution to your Crestron Home clients.

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