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The SIMPLified 2 Productivity entitlement enables all of the SIMPL productivity functionality of the SIMPLified 2 SIMPL programming assistant.

The latest release of SIMPLified 2 now includes a world first.  For the first time ever, you can now compile SIMPL Windows programs from the command line.  This opens the door to automated build processes (e.g. Jenkins CI) or even just allows you to compile programs without tying up your SIMPL Windows environment.  Please refer to the Command Line Tool User Guide in the download section of this page.

Program Generation: This is an ADVANCED topic and we STRONGLY suggest you read and understand the Program Generation Guide (provided as a download below).  The Program Generator is a powerful feature that can save hundreds of hours of effort when used effectively.  This feature is an evolving product and we are actively adding functionality to increase the capability; we welcome feedback and suggestions via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

With the latest version of SIMPLified we've added the BACnet Transformer Plugin - this is a canned program generation plugin that will build a SIMPL program and populate BACnet objects automatically with your chosen signals, and associated logic.  This is a huge time saver and is perfect for integration of non-standard HVAC products with Crestron Home systems.

Functionality includes:

  • SIMPL Program Generation & compilation - from XML, BACnet CSV or write your own custom plugin for your programming framework!
  • Extraction of SIMPL Manifest Data (for program generation)
  • *NEW* Command Line SIMPL Compiler

We will periodically enhance the functionality that this entitlement provides, and you can check out the current functionality by referring to the current SIMPLified 2 User Guide, which can be accessed from SIMPLified 2's Help Menu.  The Manifest Programming Documentation (MSDN format) is also accessible from the SIMPLified 2 Help Menu.

This is an entitlement key only, and you must have the SIMPLified 2 program installed on your machine to use this key.

A key will enable the features for a year from the time of purchase and can be extended or renewed for additional periods using the corresponding entitlement extension.

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