SIMPLified 2 - Productivity Entitlement

£ 250.00 each

The SIMPLified 2 Productivity entitlement enables all of the SIMPL productivity functionality of the SIMPLified 2 SIMPL programming assistant.  This is an ADVANCED topic and we STRONGLY suggest you read and understand the Program Generation Guide (provided as a download below).  The Program Generator is a powerful feature that can save hundreds of hours of effort when used effectively.  This feature is an evolving product and we are actively adding functionality to increase the capability; we welcome feedback and suggestions via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Functionality includes:

  • SIMPL Program Generation
  • Extraction of SIMPL Manifest Data (for program generation)
  • External compilation of SIMPL programs

We will periodically enhance the functionality that this entitlement provides, and you can check out the current functionality by referring to the current SIMPLified 2 User Guide, which can be accessed from SIMPLified 2's Help Menu.

This is an entitlement key only, and you must have the SIMPLified 2 program installed on your machine to use this key.

A key will enable the features for a year from the time of purchase and can be extended or renewed for additional periods using the corresponding entitlement extension.

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