SIMPLified 2 - Refactoring Entitlement

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The SIMPLified 2 Refactoring entitlement enables all of the SIMPL refactoring related functionality of the SIMPLified 2 SIMPL programming assistant.

Functionality includes:

  • Search and replace - simultaneously update multiple modules to a newer version.
  • Various program analysers to identify potential code smells.
  • Difference feature - compare two entire program trees or two sections of the same program.
  • Module definition extraction - identify which signals within a logic tree need to be exposed in a module argument definition.

We will periodically enhance the functionality that this entitlement provides, and you can check out the current functionality by referring to the current SIMPLified 2 User Guide, which can be accessed from SIMPLified 2's Help Menu.

This is an entitlement key only, and you must have the SIMPLified 2 program installed on your machine to use this key.

A key will enable the features for a year from the time of purchase and can be extended or renewed for additional periods using the corresponding entitlement extension.

List of the comments:
I want to write a quick review on a recent purchase I made on Ultamation Simplified2 with Refactoring license. The yearly license cost is £50 British pounds about $68 USD and I think it turned out to be the best 68 bucks I invested as a Crestron Tool. Basically you load your Crestron Simpl program and analyzes it, and it immediately finds error, warning, issues and redundancies with your code. If you run your Simpl editor on the side, every time you save your code on Simpl Simplified2 (free to download and install)is automagically updated with the latest results. It's been a pleasure going through some of my existing codes and cleaning up issues I never thought I had. It also scores your software on a 0-100 scale and finally can provide you with a certification that you can print. They had a trial period license at some time, but either way, it is a great investment. I was so happy with it I needed to write about it.
Posted on facebook by Richard Fregosa
"Shameless plug for Ultamation's updates to their SIMPLified 2 Software Suite - search and replace feature.
It took less time for me to replace over 50 (!) keypad modules + button logic for a Lutron interface than it took me to open the program. The time savings alone using this feature of the software paid for itself as compared to having to make manual changes.
If you're not using their tools, you really need to take a hard look at it - I'll have a much deeper breakdown of my experience with SIMPLified 2 coming out soon.
Kudos to Oliver & Emma Hall and the whole Ultamation team!"
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