UC-DMX-200 Ethernet to DMX Controller

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NOTE: Deliveries are unpredictable over the Christmas/New Year break, and Ultamation Offices are closed from December the 23rd through to Jan 4th.  Please take this into account if ordering as shipments may be delayed.

The Ultamation UC-DMX-200 is an Ethernet to DMX control interface for DIN rail mounting applications.

Features complete control of an entire 512 channel DMX universe, the UC-DMX-200 provides the bridge between any programmable Ethernet based control system and a DMX lighting system (or any other DMX controlled devices).



In addition to discrete channel control, the UC-DMX-200 also implements 8 independent pattern generators, capable of scrolling a pattern of up to 16 RGB values across a range of DMX addresses, removing the load from the host system.

Extension Device drivers are available for Crestron Home giving immediate access to the pattern generators and colour changing control of DMX fixtures - the datasheet can be downloaded below.

Crestron SIMPL control modules are available which make integration a breeze, and a simple ASCII based protocol is also available making integration with other systems simple.

The following videos show the DMX controller in action, one with a Crestron system and one using the configuration tool for direct control.



The native Windows application used for initial setup.  Download the application here.



Works with Crestron Home



Note: The number of devices supported on the DMX network is dependent upon the electrical characteristics of the installation and DMX drivers used and suitable termination should always be used.

Note: A separate power supply is required.  Please refer to the datasheet for specifications.

Note: There may be additional duty or import charges applied to your purchase, these are to be covered by the purchaser.

List of the comments:
The UC-DMX-200 is simply awesome. We have been searching for a device that easily gives us control over DMX based RGB LED systems and Ultamation has made that a snap. Not only is the hardware great but they also took time to help us dial in our program. Highly recommended!
The Team at Ultamation has been incredible. Extremely fast response times for questions and/or updates. Their Luma driver is now a standard on our installs. We are on our second project using their DMX controller which were shipped out quickly and work great. We can’t wait to see what the talented Team at Ultamation has in store for us. Thanks for all you do.
Thanks Ultamation for your UC-DMX-200 Ethernet to DMX Controller.! Was super easy to setup and control - our client loves it.!
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