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SIMPLified Light

£ 99.99 each

SIMPLified Light is an internal tool used by Ultamation to assist with programming large systems. Development was halted early in 2013 due to time constraints as the business expanded, so we have decided to offer it up to our web-store customers!

SIMPLified Light is a Crestron Programmer's Assistant, designed to assist you in getting important information out of your Crestron SIMPL programs. Features include:

  • Fast Startup: No longer be limited by SIMPL's startup time when you need information out of an .smw. SIMPLified Light opens extremely quickly, and loads programs quickly too! Ideal for the programmer in a hurry.
  • Real-time monitoring of program files: Changes in SIMPL are immediately and seamlessly reflected in SIMPLified Light, at run time - without the need to compile!
  • SIMPL program diff capability: Load two programs into SIMPLified Light and get an easy-to-read summary of symbol differences, something that SIMPL's proprietary format makes impossible with traditional diff tools. SIMPLified Light is the only software out there to provide a Crestron specific solution for diff-ing programs!



  • Signal Summary: SIMPLified Light provides a neat summary of all signals. Signals that are jammed, without driving sources, without destinations, commented out or redundant, and more, are all presented in a dedicated pane. Issues such as presses that only loop back to feedback joins on panels are hard to spot and don't show up in compilation reports, SIMPLified Light spots them and points them out!
  • Dependent symbol listing: Provides a full list of dependant modules for your program. Missing a "" for someone elses program? SIMPLified Light can let you know the names of the modules that you require, without having to open or compile the program!



  • Graphical Signal Display: Selecting a signal in the signal summary provides you with a concise graphical representation of your signal path.



Although development of this software has stopped, if enough people show an interest (via purchasing the software), we have a roadmap for a new iteration, built from the ground up, that we would plan to develop and release in the future:

  • Dependency Trees: Including .umc/.usp module dependencies.
  • Commented out symbols: Currently not listed at compile time in SIMPL - SIMPLified would list these for easy reference.
  • Symbol view: A big feature! Map selected symbols and their neighbours and print out logic paths.
  • Debugging of selected signals: Another big feature! Complete with logic analyser view, we plan to implement mapping of signal paths through a program, allowing you to enjoy real-time debugging of signals with none of the Crestron Debugger limitations. Logic-wave timing issues needn't be an issue any further once this feature is added!
  • Program tree view: Symbol diff-ing with active programs on a processor. Check the .smw symbol tree that you have is the same as a running compiled program symbol tree.

Please remember, SIMPLified Light is very much a work-in-progress "beta" piece of software, and as such will contain bugs! Please report bugs via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Simplified Light is no longer in development and is sold "as is" without any warranties.

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