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Ultamation have taken the original Analogue Clock Smart Graphics control, and pumped it up!  The new clock object is now fully customisable, so - as long as you want to show the time on a panel in an analogue format - this is the control for you.

Like the original analogue clock, this version can sync time with the processor, or from the panel when not connected, and can be given a fixed (at design time) offset (±in minutes) allowing multiple time zones to be displayed on a single page.  Another property is provided to show or hide the second hand.

New features include:

  • Automatically show panel’s local time, or drive any 12 hour format time from a control system.
  • Fully theme-able using either Ultamation’s Theme Creator or Crestron Studio.
  • We've included 3 image sets to allow you to get started right away.
  • Optional “glass” layer overlay.
  • Provide fixed minute offsets for alternative time zones.
  • Show/hide the seconds hand (set at design time).
  • Enable/Disable shadows on hands (fixed at 135 deg) (set at design time).
  • Hands animate between times when driven from the control system (can be disabled).
  • Not a SmartObjectTM – Hour/Min/Sec analogue joins can be anywhere you like, and no CEDs to worry about.

After purchasing, simply copy the .c3c file into your /UsrCtrls/ folder and launch VTPro - the control will appear under an Ultamation category.

Important Caveat:

  • Due to restrictions from Apple, the control cannot be run on any iOS Smart Graphic panels.
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