Texecom Premier Module (RS232 Version)

Texecom Premier Module (RS232 Version)
£ 100.00 each

The Texecom Premier range of alarm panels is a popular panel with alarm installers and integrators alike.

NOTE: This module is compatible with the new v4.00 firmware Premier Elite panels (tested on the Premier Elite 88).

NOTE: It appears that high zone numbers (> 168) are incorrectly reported by the panel and will not trigger zone status changes correctly.

We have developed a module that makes integrating the Texecom Premier 48, 88, 168 or 640 panels with a Crestron system a simple task of connecting the two together, and firing up SIMPL Windows.  The module provides:

  • A virtual alarm keypad - which can do everything a physical keypad can do.  In fact, one alarm engineer told us he found our virtual panel easier to use to commission the system than his own physical programmer panel!
  • Real time view of zone status - whether armed or not, the panel's zones can be monitored to trigger control system functions, or turn off AV when a room is unoccupied.
  • Area armed status - the module indicates which areas of the system are armed.  Note: Zone Omit is not supported by the protocol, and therefore our module cannot inform the control system about omitted zones.
  • PC Output control - should these be used on the panel, we can control them.
  • SMS - If an SMS gateway is fitted to the Texecom system, the control system can issue messages. 

Note: The Texecom Premier 24 does NOT support the Texecom Crestron integration protocol, and will not work with this module.

The module comes complete with graphics to allow you to show a virtual keypad on you touch panels.

For more information, including licencing details, please refer to the datasheet below.

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