Global Caché Serial Port

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Global Caché devices have been a staple tool for integrators needing additional serial ports for Crestron installlations for decades.

Now Crestron Home integrators can benefit from devices like the GC-100 and iTach remote serial ports to add serial comms to devices that can't be easily connected to the control processor or a Crestron serial extender.

We've had to think outside of the box here, and the serial ports are actually presented as extenders on a "fake" AV Switcher, but this is simply to allow for the device to be recognised by Crestron Home.

Add the "fake" AV Switcher, and the device will connect to your Global Cache device, query the serial ports and make the necessary hooks within Crestron Home.  Each driver supports 1 OR 2 Serial ports, and although BOTH will appear in the Crestron Home config, you should only us the com port that actually exists on the Global Cache device.

The end result - additional TRUE com ports that can be hooked up to any serial driver in Crestron Home for bi-directional communication.

Note: At the time of development, Crestron Home does not support IR or Relay extenders so these are not yet implemented.  When they ARE supported, we will enhance the driver to support as much I/O as we can.

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