HTTP Listener "Wildcard" for Crestron Home

£ 150.00 each

Enter the MAC address of the Crestron Home processor.

Opening a relay is ok, and handy if you need your garage door to open - but this module takes it up another 10 levels.

The Wildcard HTTP Listener opens a whole new world of integration opportunities for Crestron Home.

The possibilities are limited to how creative you want to become but just to get you started; you can now use Siri voice commands, or use inexpensive NFC stickers to trigger Crestron Home events.  Or set up iOS Automation to trigger an event when you arrive home.  The more you think about what you can now do with Crestron Home, the more mind blowing it becomes.

Please review the datasheet for instructions and capabilities, and if you're looking for a TCP listener, we have that too!

As with all of our Crestron Home drivers, the package file can be downloaded and tested with a Crestron Home system for an hour (following each reboot) so that you can try before you offer this unique solution to your Crestron Home clients.

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