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Crestron Home
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Ultamation has decades of experience with Crestron solutions, having developed many drivers for both main-line Crestron and for Crestron Home; we provide tools to help Crestron programmers analyse, refactor and debug their SIMPL programs and automatically generate code, not to mention the multiple Crestron and CEDIA awards we've won for our projects and user interfaces.

For new or inexperienced integrators who need a helping hand or a chat about Crestron Home, we're happy to help and a chat over a virtual cup of coffee costs nothing.  The way we see it is; the easier you can deploy Crestron Home and increase your profitability, the more likely you may be to use our ever growing catalogue of drivers in your next project.

You can contact us by phone (go to our main site or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll be happy to offer advice where we can, whether that's about our own products or Crestron Home in general.  We're good friends with, but not directly affiliated to, Crestron so you will get an honest, no fluff, opinion.  Again; the more successful, happy Crestron Home integrators there are, the better for us too.

For others, such as manufacturers looking to develop their own drivers or need to understand the driver landscape, where a more involved consultancy around Crestron driver development is required, we offer a service (charged per 8 hour day) where we will answer any questions you have, assist with design, code review or debugging, to get your driver over the line and performing like a champ within Crestron Home.

  • Stable drivers make for happy clients.
  • Happy clients make for happy integrators.
  • Happy integrators specify your product because it "just works".

Crestron driver development can be complicated because it's a highly-engineered, pluggable, architecture.  Let our experience guide you through the twists and turns by sharing the relevant knowledge we have accrued over the past years of working with Crestron's driver framework.

Please note: Although we will consult on design, programming, solution structure and so on, this is not a driver development programming service.  We will work with your developers to give them the proficiency to develop and maintain your drivers.

The service is provided remotely via telephone, Zoom, screen sharing for pair-programming etc.

The service is provided during normal UK working hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm GMT/BST) but we will try to be flexible for customers in different time-zones.  For example, this may mean breaking a day into 2x 4 hours sessions.  Sessions will not otherwise be sub-divided.

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