GUDE Switched PDU Driver for Crestron Home


For all of those situations where your client might need a little more automated power control.

Sky box misbehaving? Now your client can reboot it from their Crestron Home app - no messing around with your beautifully dressed rack, and no support call on Saturday evening!

Want to monitor energy consumption? Give your clients a simple summary of their domestic power.

The GUDE Expert Power products ( provide best of class power management and monitoring and with this Crestron Certified Driver you can take control of a properties intelligent PDUs using this Crestron Home compatible driver package.

Highlights of the features of GUDE PDUs supported by our driver are:

  • Individual outlet control
  • Reboot control
  • Feedback of outlet status (On/Off)
  • Sensor feedback for temperature, humidity and pressure (with suitable optional sensor) 
  • Electrical measurement of voltage, current, accumulated energy usage (where supported by the device)

Please see the instructions below for information on how to side load the driver.

Driver works for all GUDE switched PDUs: EPC 1202, 8021-8041, 8221-8226, 8025-8045 and 8291.

Tested with GUDE products: 8045, 8226 & 8291

The driver is available free-of-charge, but you must place it in your basket and checkout.  You will be sent a confirmation email with a download link.

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