Heatmiser NeoStat and NeoPlug Module (Neo Version)

£ 125.00 each


NOTE: This is a completely new version, compatible with 4-series processors, and the licencing has changed to PER PROCESSOR.  The older v3 module is no longer supported.

Provide control for your client's Heatmiser Neo system with our integration module, now re-written to take advantage of Crestron 4-Series.  This new version now supports finer grained set-point control and enhanced holiday mode functions.

The module suite includes a "helper" module to list all discovered stats to ease commissioning.

TROUBLESHOOTING NOTE: Please be aware that Heatmiser may disable the control protocol which leads to the module failing to communicate.  The resolve this, please open the Heatmiser Mobile App, go into settings and re-enable "Legacy API".  All should now work as normal.

Completing the integration solutions range for Heatmiser thermostats, adding to our incredibly popular RS485 and Wifi Heatmiser modules, we've now released the IP integration module which gives the same level of control on the new Heatmiser Neo range.

Note: This module is only compatible with Crestron's 3-series and 4-series processor range and CANNOT be used with 2-series or earlier.


For more information, including licencing details, please refer to the datasheet below.

List of the comments:
What a dream. This module does exactly what it says on the tin. We had a problem with a BMS "bouncing" the Heatmiser on/off, so we advised we will talk directly to Heatmiser instead - its perfect!
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