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Apple TV IP Control Crestron
Apple TV IP Control CrestronControl 4th Gen Apple TV over IPControl 3rd Gen Apple TV over IP
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Ultamation's module for Crestron IP control of Apple TVs (generations 2, 3, 4 AND 5(4K) - confirmed working with all firmwares prior to tvOS 13) allows you to control the device over the same wire that connects it to your network switch.  In addition, you get more control than offered by the standard remote (excluding the special features of the newer BlueTooth remote) plus, in this standard version of the module, you also get text entry and feedback of track position and transport state.

NOTE: In tvOS 13, Apple Have removed the DACP service.  For any Gen 4 & 5 Apple TVs, please use the Companion module instead.

Please Note: This module is compatible with Crestron's 3 & 4-Series processors only.


The current build is 1.24.0.*, included in the example program download on this page. This includes a wrapper and device type for integration with Crestron Studio.  Please ensure you are running the latest build.

Please read the FAQ (available via the link below) which, we hope, will cover most questions about features, technical elements and licencing. We recommend using ASCII only in your Apple TV name.

For complete details on how the module is used in a Crestron program, please read the datasheet (available on the link below).

Unlike solutions for other control systems, the module employs Apple's Home Sharing, rather than PIN entry, to authenticate with each Apple TV.

A licence is required PER DEVICE to be controlled and each licence is linked to information provided at the time of purchase.  Please take great care in entering this information, as once purchased, we cannot provide refunds for changes in Home Sharing ID or Apple TV name or data entry errors.

We listened to the feedback and have been working on an alternative licencing mechanism for the module.  The licencing model is still PER DEVICE, but we've removed the need for giving each device a static IP address by implementing Apple's Bonjour device discovery.  Now, you will need to provide a unique NAME for each Apple TV.  The module will discover the device with a matching name and pick up the IP address dynamically.  The module will even follow a device (after a short delay) should it's IP address change.

For notifications of module updates please follow @UltamationTech on Twitter and send support requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

List of the comments:
Posted on Facebook by Kieran Connolly
"Installed one last week and worked like a charm!"
Posted on Facebook by Even Mosbæk
"I'm using Ultamation [Apple TV] IP module on my private setup. Works every time with no issues or delay. Best part is that the IR bug is gone"
This is the control module we have all been looking for, and asking for on all the forums over all these years. Since the AppleTV become as common on an install as putting in a cable/satellite box or Blu-ray player. We have been so pleased with the modules functionality throughout this year. The feedback is huge plus when making a whole-house control GUI. The keyboard input for searching is a huge asset to keep clients in our interface versus going to the Remote app for control. Truly makes automation and integration of the AppleTV what it should have been years ago. And no, this isn't a hack or poorly executed jail-break type of control module. The home-sharing authentication and control through Bonjour is spot on and native to the Apple device so it just works. Great job Ultamation!
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