ISE Crestron Home Tip of the Day #1 - Apple TV App Launching

Adding app launching was a huge step forward for our Apple TV IP driver, but you still needed to switch away from the source, open the app launcher tile and then switch back.

With this top tip, those days are over.

You'll need our Apple TV IP driver before you start: Click here for Apple TV

With a few simple steps you can now configure a room display to present commands.  This is normally used for selection of aspect ratios and so on, but you can also add Quick Actions to this list - and they can do ANYTHING.  So while this top tip is about Apple TV app launching, you could trigger a movie lighting scene with our Philips Hue or DMX controller or open the main gate with our Wildcard drivers, all without leaving the source page.

Step 1: Create some Quick Actions

Step 2: In the Display Settings, go to Commands and Enable the Quick Actions

Step 3: Select the Apple TV Source and - hey presto - you have App Launching under the display menu!  You can even re-order them so your favourite is at the top.

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