The Ultamation Help Centre

We're very proud of the reputation Ultamation has for exemplary customer support.  As they say, talk is cheap, and it's not the fact that you say you provide first-rate support, it's whether customers get a quick response to their queries and how far you go to resolve the problem.  We work very hard, often responding to customers out-of-hours and walking them through configurations or diagnostics - usually without charge.

While we firmly hold that the human element to customer support is crucially important, it's important to make information as accessible as possible as this means that potential issues can be avoided without engaging with support at all at times and we can provide thorough responses to common problems without rewriting the same information out for the 10th time, simply by linking relevant, already documented, information.

To that end, we have introduced the Ultamation Help Centre which is a repository of documents that we will continuously update with useful info.  The information isn't public, and you will need to register on the portal to access the documents, but this is a property of the platform we're using and we do not use any personal information gleaned from creating an account.  Sadly, this account is not linked to existing Ultamation shop accounts.

We've also moved over to a new ticketing system for support tickets (generated by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and the new system gives registered users a way to keep track of their cases.  If you email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you will automatically have an account created by the platform to that you can track your case.

To access the Ultamation Help Centre, please follow the link below.

Ultamation Help Centre

As an incentive, we've already started writing up the new Apple TV control FAQ so if you're quick off the mark, you can get access to otherwise unreleased information about the new CompanionLink drivers for Crestron and Crestron Home.

We're also publishing recipes for the Crestron Home wildcard drivers which provide simple "hacks" for giving your clients capabilities that can't by offered by your competition.