Wildcard Recipe: Sending Commands to Display Endpoints


Your Crestron Home project is using a 3rd party AV switcher but you haven’t been able to use the full capability of sending commands to the displays to turn them on and off.



The Ultamation Wildcard modules can be used to send these commands to the AV switcher by integrating the commands into hidden quick actions which are triggered when a media zone is powered on or off.

1. Add the appropriate Ultamation Wildcard driver to Crestron Home - this will depend on the capabilities and communications model of your chosen AV switcher.

2. Configure your chosen commands for buttons or discrete commands (under Actions/Sequences) using the information in the table, and examples below. If you work out more commands, please let us know and we’ll add them to the table!

3. You’re in the 1-hour trial period window - give your new integration a test drive!

4. Once you’re happy everything is working, purchase a licence key for your processor for one of the wildcard drivers here… Home

5. Add the licence key to your Crestron Home configuration (under “Installer Settings”)


Command Table

Switcher Manufacturer Model / Range Wildcard Usage Command Data / URL Notes
Binary MoIP TCP port 23 TV On via CEC !CEC={output},1\x0A Replace {output} with the output number for the appropriate display
      TV Off via CEC !CEC={output},0\x0A  
HDANYWHERE All HTTP POST Predefined CEC api/command/cec/{output}/{type}/{id} Replace {output} with the port ID (a,b,c,…), {type} is 0=HDMI or 1=HDBT, and {id} is the uControl CEC library ID
      Freeform CEC api/command/cecpass/{output}/{type}/
POST Data:{ “logicaladdress”: “EF”, “command”: “82”, “arguments”: “10 00” }
Arguments as above. This example will instruct the connected device to switch to input 1. Refer to CEC-O-MATIC for CEC commands.
      B&O Example api/command/cecpass/b/1/
{"logicaladdress": "EF", "command": "82", "arguments": "22 00"}
Bang & Olufsen Soundbar Input HDMI B (logical input The soundbar in reserved on HDMI 2, and the sound bar inputs (A-D) are the second digit of the argument.


The following examples show you how format the the commands in the Installer Settings of the module.

The first element - “Label” - can be whatever you want to have displayed on the button. The other elements must be formatted exactly as shown.

Binary MoIP, using the TCP Wildcard, turn on TV on output 3

Playroom TV On|!CEC3,1\x0A

Binary MoIP, using the TCP Wildcard, turn off TV on output 3

Playroom TV Off|!CEC3,0\x0A

HDANYWHERE, using the HTTP POST Wildcard, turn off TV on output HDBT 'a'

Lounge TV Off|api/command/cecpass/a/1/|{"logicaladdress":"EF","command":"36","arguments":""}

Manufacturers vary greatly in their support for, and implementation of, CEC commands.


Kudos to Isaac Rosario of Voyager Home Systems Voyager Home Systems | Oklahoma City Metro Smart Home Installations for suggesting this really innovative integration solution and providing Binary MoIP data.