As a multi–award winning company specialising in high-end Crestron home automation we are used to writing modules for jobs we are working on.   With one of the, globally, few Gold Crestron Master Programmers at the head of our team, we excel in the more challenging modules and have written drivers for equipment that had previously been considered too complex to integrate. 

We now enjoy a reputation for high quality, tried and tested modules which we have made available to other Crestron programmers and integrators, both saving them time in completeing jobs and being able to offer sophisticated integration, that otherwise might have been unachievable for their clients.

Ultamation is our vehicle to deliver these products to you!

Along with requests from manufacturers and integrators to develop modules for their products, we’re constantly looking to provide support for innovative solutions – from car turntables to steam rooms.

We also develop software solutions for the Crestron programming community, such as the hugely popular “Theme Creator” for UI designers and the “SIMPLified” programmer’s assistant.

An example of our ground breaking development is the Apple TV module, which many said couldn’t be done.  When Apple released the latest 5th generation Apple TV, after further testing, we’re pleased to say our module continues to work brilliantly with every generation of Apple TV since generation 2!  The Apple TV module is definitely in our top sellers list with many dealers now specifying it as standard in their quotations, with one for every Apple TV in their project. 

We get many compliments about our products, which demonstrate that they really do work in practice – not just on paper.  We have also built up a great customer service experience with anyone who comes up against a challenge; here’s one quote from a very satisfied customer “Bottom line, I already got my money’s worth, wish I went this route 100hrs ago. I will definitely continue to endorse and support your company and any future software you release. Thanks!”

Our first sale through the shop was back in May 2013 with a Heatmiser Thermostat Module, scroll through four years and we’ve now had over 1000 transactions.  The shop currently has 19 modules, 3 tools including our best-selling Theme Creator, 8 graphics packages including the ever popular ‘Lamina’ theme and our first piece of hardware - the Ultamation 512-channel IP DMX controller.

Keep watching though… there’s more exciting stuff in the pipeline.

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